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For those of you who don’t follow my personal Instagram account, in recent months i’ve been sharing my recipes with family and friends. With all of the positive feedback and inquiries, I decided to make a separate account and share my easy-to-make recipes with step by step videos for everyone to enjoy.


I developed my love for cooking from my Grandmother who showed me the ropes at a young age. That, on top of my love for watching the Food Network, turned my interest into a full fledged passion. I’m always in the kitchen, whipping up food for the family and since my friends tend to reach out and ask for ideas on what to make for theirs, I figured I should start posting my daily recipes as I go. I created an Instagram page called @ElysiumEats. I’ll be uploading often with delicious meals, baked goods, and more. All of these recipes are kid friendly and easy to make.

Check out some of my video highlights below to get an idea of how simple and fun the recipes will be (plus you get a daily dose of Bibi’s food ratings at the end of each vid)




Cottage Cheese Pancakes



Meatball Polenta



Apple Tarts


Be sure to follow me > @ELYSIUMEATS < and DM me if you’re looking for the full recipe, or if you have any requests!

elysium home food blog eat



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